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Trading with Ainvestments

Trading with Ainvestments, one of the world’s top CFD forex brokers, is straightforward and contains no hidden fees.

Buy and Sell prices of all the instruments available are helpfully displayed on the main content page of the Ainvestments online trading platform. When entering an order to Buy, our powerful trading platform enables you to add a Stop Loss or Profit Limit to protect your risk exposure.

Trading example

You signed up and deposited $17,000 via credit card.

You decide that Apple shares are likely to fall soon and go ‘Short’ (sell) on Apple. 7:17pm – you click ‘Sell’ beside the ‘Apple’ stock in the main trading lobby page; the sell price is $100.

Your criteria are:

Your position is now:

8:03pm – Apple climbs to $103.

You decide to cut your losses and buy Apple.
8:03pm – your market buy executes at $103. You lost $6,000 on the trade.