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Trade ETFs with Ainvestments

ETFs (Exchange traded funds) are marketable security products made up of a selection or basket of related instruments. They are designed to track the performance of sectors, commodities, bonds, currencies, indices and measures of volatility.
ETFs provide exposure to a portfolio of financial instruments, and have the added benefit of being traded just like shares on a stock exchange.

Why trade ETFs with Ainvestments?

No Commissions – Fixed Spreads!

Fixed spreads between the buy and sell prices. Enjoy trading with no commissions! To view our fees, please Click Here.

Professional Trading Tools

Stay updated and educated with real-time market data and a large selection of advanced graphing, analytic and automated toolsets, offered on all our platforms – web, mobile and tablet.

Wide Variety of Instruments

Maximize your trading experience with over 1,000 financial instruments and over 25 ETFs to place trades.

Open a Live Account and Start Trading Now!

Opening a live account with Ainvestments is simple and secure. It takes few minutes and can be completed on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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